The crisis at Twitter has led to explosive growth and interest in Mastodon, a community-run and organized alternative to Twitter. And this sudden growth has presented all of us with a unique opportunity to do social better, by providing Canadians with a safe, reliable home on the network.

We have the opportunity to reimagine social media as a force for justice, equity, and inclusivity in Canada and around the world. We have the opportunity to turn back from a decade of corporatized social media that divided and exhausted us with hate speech, misinformation, and information overload. We have the opportunity to create a new kind of online community in Canada—with your leadership and support.

Equally important, we want to create a stable and reliable place on the Fediverse for people to call home. That’s why we are offering Mastodon accounts for Canadians. A place for connection and conversation. A safe place were we can all come together and build a community.

CoSocial, officially CoSocial Community Cooperative, is a community service coop which means it’s member-run and you can join by signing up.

And of course: follow us on Mastodon @coop@cosocial.ca!