Getting Started

Tips for Getting Started

Huzzah! You have made it to CoSocial.

Here is where you want to get started on this server, and customize to how you want to use 

Some items to consider are below.

  • Consider adding a bio, maybe an avatar and a background header
  • You can always edit this by clicking under your image or from the ‘Preferences gear’ on your account page
    • For more tips see FAQ/Set up profile
  • Write up an introduction (#introduction) – take a look at a few others if you want to get a feel for how people are writing them
  • If you pin it to your profile, it makes it easy for people to get to know you when they first visit your account
  • We are not algorithmically driven, which means you do need to find your people
  • If you think it is interesting, follow. 
  • In cases where you are not sure, just pick a number (like 20) people to follow. Some hints
    • Look up a topic of interest by searching a #hashtag
    • Look up an interesting conversation and see who is in the replies and follow them
    • For more ideas, take a look at our FAQ/Joining Conversations for some more tips and people to follow
  • You can always unfollow!
  • Know the different places (or timelines) to find posts
    • Home: All posts from people and hashtags you follow—your custom feed.
    • Local: All posts from accounts on your server—especially useful if you belong to a topic-based server.
    • Federated: All posts from all servers your server knows about—this is the metaphorical fire hose.
  • Use #hashtags, it is how others can follow you
  • Boost, if you find something interesting
  • If sharing an image, describe it for those who cannot see the image
  • Use an app to follow along
    • See FAQ/Staying engaged for some suggestions