Server Maintenance 2023-10-01

Maintenance will be conducted to upgrade the Mastodon instance beginning at:

11:30 PM ADT | 10:30PM EDT | 9:30 PM CST | 7:30 PM PDT

Members using the Mastodon instance may experience slowness and multiple brief (<30 second) outages during the upgrade process, which should be concluded within 30 minutes.

Following the maintenance, the server will be updated to Mastodon v.4.2.0, which includes a number of new features. More information about this release can be found here.

Follow this page for updates.

Update 11PM EDT – Maintenance has concluded successfully. Please note that full-text search features will be enabled tomorrow. Watch for future updates regarding this exciting new feature of Mastodon!

Server Maintenance 2023-09-20

There will be brief downtime (<30 seconds) while the server is upgraded to Mastodon 4.1.9 at:

6:15 PM ADT | 5:15 PM EDT | 4:15 PM CST | 2:15 PM PDT

Follow this page for updates.

Update 2023-09-20 5:15 PM EDT: Maintenance has concluded. Thank-you for your patience!

Server Maintenance 2023-09-17

There will be brief downtime (<30 seconds) while the server is upgraded to Mastodon 4.1.7 at:

10:00 PM ADT | 9:00 PM EDT | 7:00 PM CST | 6:00 PM PDT

Follow this page for updates.

Update 2023-09-17 9:02 PM EDT: Maintenance has concluded. Thank-you for your patience!

Scheduled Downtime for Database Upgrade

We are announcing a scheduled downtime of 30minutes to 1 hour for a database upgrade on the main CoSocial Mastodon server. This will take place Sunday, Aug 27th, in the morning.

Time ZoneStartEnd

The Mastodon server will not be available for posting or reading during this time.

Please bookmark this status page for updates during that time.

More about the database upgrade

Currently the Mastodon server and database are on the same virtual server in the Digital Ocean Toronto data center. We are moving the database to the Digital Ocean Managed Database service. The service takes care of backups and includes a standby database that is kept in sync.

The most important information in Mastodon is kept in the database, and this move will help with both scalability and backups.

Mastodon update and brief downtime

The TechOps team will be performing an upgrade to the 4.1.5 version of Mastodon, as well as some database maintenance and upgrades. This is aimed to take place between 10:30am PST / 1:30pm EST and 1:30pm PST / 4:30pm EST, Friday, July 21st, 2023. There will be some brief downtime of 5 minutes or so in duration as a full restart of all systems will be required.

Tag the account if you notice any issues.

Scheduled Downtime April 11th

We have had a number of new users this week and that has caused a large increase in storage. We are moving to a scalable file backend, but for now we are going to increase the size of the server disk.

This will take up to 90 minutes of downtime, so we plan to perform it this evening, Tuesday, April 11th, at around 7pm PST / 10pm EST.

Large account migration, potential for service impact

We’re welcoming Tim Bray to the CoSocial Mastodon server today. He’s written a blog post talking about the move and what we’re doing here. Tim has quite a large following, so we expect some server load as part of him moving his account.

Things might be slow or unresponsive starting at 5PM PST, and we may even have a server outage. You can follow this post to find out current status.

This is the first TechOps status post. We’ll use this blog and messages like this to give updates about technical infrastructure, especially in case of downtime.