It’s Happening!

Hello, world! It’s been a while since we told you what’s going on with CoSocial. Here are some important milestones!

  • We’ve incorporated! We’ve edited and reviewed our articles of incorporation, assembled an initial board of directors, and registered a new cooperative on March 1st. The COSOCIAL COMMUNITY COOPERATIVE is now a real thing!
  • We’ve added our first members. We have about 10 new members to the cooperative, as seen on our OpenCollective page.
  • We set up a new Mastodon instance. Our instance at is up and running and connected to the rest of the fediverse.
  • Our volunteer teams are practicing maintaining a real instance. Our trust and safety team is actively moderating the instance. It’s a team of four, with more volunteers coming on in the next few days. Our tech ops volunteer team has handled a few server incidents, some planned downtime, and a server upgrade.
  • We are actively using as our main accounts. Some of our early members have already moved their other Mastodon accounts with thousands of followers to the new server. It’s running well and keeping up with the load of daily posts.

So what’s next? We think we’re ready to start letting more people on. For this reason, we’re reaching out to people who’ve expressed interest in CoSocial.

To get your Mastodon account:

  • Sign up for a new Mastodon account at . Make sure to note if you’re willing to volunteer for trust-and-safety, tech, comms, or other operations work. Our current limits are due to making sure we’ve got enough volunteers to keep the community and technology running smoothly, so the more volunteers we get, the more people we can let in! And bear in mind that CoSocial is designed for sustainability, so the plan is for ops and moderation to be paid work.
  • After being contacted by CoSocial trust-and-safety, sign up for OpenCollective. It’s a CAD$50/year annual membership. While many Mastodon instances are free, we are committed to a safe and moderated experience. So there is a fee that our non-profit will recoup the costs for moderation, servers, and all the expenses. Our research tells us that that price should be sufficient to build a co-op that’s sustainable for the long term.
  • Once we’ve been notified of the sign up, your account will be approved and you’re ready to get started! Come on board and post and #introduction!

We’re really excited to get started bringing new CoSocial members on board. We hope you’re as ready as we are to see cooperatively-run social media become a reality in Canada. It’s a big step and we’re glad to be taking it with you.

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